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Monday, July 28, 2008

The New GW Washes: A Review with Example

Below are three pictures comparing two similarly posed Howling Banshees. Both models were hit with black primer, the armour base-coated with Khemri Brown (Foundation Paint), had Devlan Mud (one of the new washes) applied, then hit with a thick Bleached Bone in all but the deep recesses. The model on the right was then given a watered down wash of Devlan Mud on top of that.

The second wash was watered down so I didn't lose too much brightness on the model as a whole, meaning that I didn't require a highlight. The wash really does blend everything nicely and gives a great sense of shading and depth for virtually no effort. They are a marked improvement on the old washes, and I highly recommend them.

I ordered a while ago the full set of Foundations and Washes. If you guys find the above useful or interesting, please let me know if you would like to see another foundation (or normal color) tested with a couple washes. I can use some of my old plastics sitting around in my bitz box ... as well as some old models from old board games.

[EDIT] I ran a bunch of genestealer arms painted red through every GW wash. See more here.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Effect of 5th Edition on Dark Angel Vehicles

I've had some rather good quality time with the new Rule Book, and I do think it's put together very well; everything is sectioned off appropriately, I don't feel like I have to search very hard for the specific rule that I'm thinking of.

Don't get me wrong with what I'm getting to here, I have no real complaints about the new system. Rather, I think it looks quite polished and am looking forward to testing it out with my usual gaming group. Work's been rather busy lately, so I haven't had too much time.

Vehicles. I'm not going to get into the mathhammer of it all, but vehicles appear to be a bit more durable. No more popping tanks with glancing shots. All of this sounds right, even if it means ditching my Eldar Vibrocannons... So, our vehicles have become more durable ... but there was another detail that caught my eye, which specifically relates to Space Marine Vehicles... The change in "Defensive Weapon" classification.

Defensive Weapons used to be anything S5 and under. Now, it's anything S4 and under. The distinction doesn't have much effect on any of the xenos, but for Space Marines it is a very specific distinction: Heavy Bolters. Heavy Bolters are S5, meaning they are no longer Defensive Weapons.

Talking just about tanks here, if you do not move you can fire all weapons. Up to 6" (combat speed, now) you can fire one Main Weapon and all Defensive Weapons. 6"-12" (cruising speed) you cannot shoot. If your vehicle is "fast" everything moves up a category.

Back in 4th edition, a Predator could move 6", shoot its Main Weapon (the turret) and both sponsons (if you took Heavy Bolters). Now, to get the same effect from your Predator, you will have to sit still. One of the reasons I liked the Predator was its ability to maintain heavy fire from all three weapons while also moving about the battlefield (albeit at 6"). With this gone and the Predator being limited to move or fire (or move with one gun), I have to wonder if it is worth it anymore. I'm not sure, but I've bought a Land Raider just in case it's not. Hey, if I'm going to be sitting still and shooting, might as well make it a Land Raider.

Something else that's been affected by this? Ravenwing. Remember those cool Landspeeder Tornadoes? The ones with a Heavy Bolter and an Assault Cannon? Yeah, the only way you can fire both weapons in one turn is by moving 6" or less, since you're a fast vehicle. Not much of a 'speeder' anymore. Moving up to 12" will force you to choose between firing off your Assault Cannon OR the Heavy Bolter. With this change, I'm considering more standard Landspeeders and less Tornado upgrades. I already have one Tornado built, but I don't think I'll build anymore.

Anyone find any that I missed? How about all you filthy xenos, have the vehicle rule changes affected you much? (Tyranids not invited to this party as they have no vehicles... and can't control themselves in social settings. There, I said it.)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Slaaneshi T&A

A while back I expressed total satisfaction with the new line of daemonettes. While true at the time, given some serious thought and many nights to sleep on it, I no longer think I'm wholly satisfied with them.

I understand the idea of making them look hermaphroditic, as the daemonettes are supposedly able to assume any pleasing shape, male or female ... but at some point I came to the realization that hermaphroditic was not the feel I wanted from my daemonettes. They're daemonETTES. Even the term suggests feminine. So, with a heavy heart I retreated to my workbench after admitting to myself that maybe what slaanesh needed really was a "good pair of tits."

The photos above are examples of the small conversions I have made to the girls. First and formost (and my wife can attest to this) I like butts. The tails had to go. It took some careful cutting, and only a few needed to be patched up with greenstuff, having an unseemly hole where there shouldn't be one. The daemonettes will have the loincloths currently hanging from their corsets, but from behind, you'll see that they are indeed going commando.

As for the breasts, I really didn't like the setup they were given. I understand (sort of) that they were attempting to market these models so that parents wouldn't be entirely put off by buying them, but come on. These are daemons of sex and excess. You decide to give them one male breast and one female breast. Fine. But the female breast gets covered up? Why? Are the daemonettes suddenly modest when it comes to their feminine half? My decision here was to make both breasts female. With the new one bare, I didn't so much mind the slight covering on some of the original. Above, you can see that a female breast has been added with a bit of greenstuff. I tried to remain proportional with what was already on the other side. I know the pics are a little fuzzy, but you'll get a clearer view when everything's painted. :P

Monday, July 14, 2008

Lava Basing

I have a big box of Chaos Daemons. They need bases. I've already learned the hard way to put a bit of thought into what I want on the bases before wholly gluing the models down (prying plastic Dark Angels off their bases so I can put a tiled floor down is taking me a VERY long time).

Anyways, what I wanted for my daemons is a scorched and cracked ground with a flow of lava underneath. What you see above is the final product. That is a thin (1/16" thick) disc of cork painted black, then drybrushed heavily with Bestial Brown, then drybrushed lightly with Bubonic Brown after I cut the "cracks." the yellow was painted directly onto the standard Base, so that it would show through. After the cork was glued down, I threw some red wash down in there, waited for it to dry, then retouched it with the yellow to brighten it back up.

What I wanted here was a good looking base that wasn't too big. With 5th edition hitting us this last weekend, and Line Of Sight rules changing to What You See Is What You Get, I need to be very conscious of adding any height to my models via the base. I found a cork sheet manufacturer who sold 1/16" thickness and I think it works it's magic without encumbering my daemons too much with the added height.

With that, I shall return to watching the clock until I can go home from work (my 5th ed. Collector's Edition rulebook arrived via FedEx while I was at work today. The waiting is intolerable. Patience is no virtue; it's a curse.)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lord Pestus

This image is taken straight from Forgeworld, just so you all know.

He's the new Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle that they've added to their line, and you bet your bottom dollar that I ordered one. He's going to act as either a Sorcerer of Nurgle, or as a Lord with Mark of Nurgle and a Daemon Weapon.

This model looks sweet as hell, and I'd encourage anyone with a love for Chaos Space Marines or, more specifically, Nurgle Marines to go order one. He's currently going for £10.00 (about $20.00). You'll find him listed on their "New Stuff!" page here, along with a new Nurgle Dreadnought too.
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