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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Slaaneshi T&A

A while back I expressed total satisfaction with the new line of daemonettes. While true at the time, given some serious thought and many nights to sleep on it, I no longer think I'm wholly satisfied with them.

I understand the idea of making them look hermaphroditic, as the daemonettes are supposedly able to assume any pleasing shape, male or female ... but at some point I came to the realization that hermaphroditic was not the feel I wanted from my daemonettes. They're daemonETTES. Even the term suggests feminine. So, with a heavy heart I retreated to my workbench after admitting to myself that maybe what slaanesh needed really was a "good pair of tits."

The photos above are examples of the small conversions I have made to the girls. First and formost (and my wife can attest to this) I like butts. The tails had to go. It took some careful cutting, and only a few needed to be patched up with greenstuff, having an unseemly hole where there shouldn't be one. The daemonettes will have the loincloths currently hanging from their corsets, but from behind, you'll see that they are indeed going commando.

As for the breasts, I really didn't like the setup they were given. I understand (sort of) that they were attempting to market these models so that parents wouldn't be entirely put off by buying them, but come on. These are daemons of sex and excess. You decide to give them one male breast and one female breast. Fine. But the female breast gets covered up? Why? Are the daemonettes suddenly modest when it comes to their feminine half? My decision here was to make both breasts female. With the new one bare, I didn't so much mind the slight covering on some of the original. Above, you can see that a female breast has been added with a bit of greenstuff. I tried to remain proportional with what was already on the other side. I know the pics are a little fuzzy, but you'll get a clearer view when everything's painted. :P
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