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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Step-By-Step Tau Devilfish

I'm on a bit of a transport vehicle kick right now, so out comes the Devilfish.

Step 1: Astronomican Grey
My previous paint pot of Space Wolves Grey was extremely thick.  I got quite a few comments about how many coats I claimed I used vs. how many other people had to use in their experiences.  Having a new pot, I feel their confusion.  You don't want to paint Space Wolves Grey on black.  So this is a bit of a basecoat so I don't have to do so many SWG coats.

Step 2: Space Wolves Grey
My Tau roll Bork'an.  The codex describes their color scheme as Space Wolves Grey with Hawk Turquoise highlights.  The accompanying picture was a flat out lie.  No way in hell that was Space Wolves Grey.  Turns out though ... I like the SWG and Hawk Turquoise scheme better. ;)

Step 3: Asurmen Blue
I paint my Tau differently than I do my other armies.  I usually paint everyone very bright, then wash them down.  With the Tau, I'm going for a bit of a brighter, cleaner look than is usual for my armies.  The Asurmen Blue is used in crevices to add a bit of shade and form definition.

Step 4: Skull White
In contrast to the Asurmen, this is edge highlighted to give the other side of the definition.

Step 5: Boltgun Metal
While you're getting all the actual metal bits, lay a few streaks down in areas that look like they'd take some hits.  I'll admit, I had a few to drink at this point and got ahead of myself.  This step really needed to come after the next one.  You want paint scratches to go over any possible paint.  I remedied this by adding the turquoise accents to non-scratched areas.

Step 6: Hawk Turquoise
Interestingly enough, the codex has a phonetic translator for the Tau alphabet.  I don't know the word for devilfish, so I just spelled out "devilfish - 1" using Tau letters.  Close enough.

Step 7: Chaos Black
Not to disparage anyone who chooses to use transfers, but they're just not my style.  I like to try and free-hand any logos I come across.  It's part of the challenge to me.  The key to any insignia is to just break it down step by step.  I'm going for a Bork'an symbol here (I know vehicles are supposed to display the T'au symbol, but whatev), so first, I want a black circle.  Don't worry about screwing up an edge... keep going, finish the circle, then pull out the Space Wolves Grey and touch up.

Step 8: Skull White
Smaller circle inside the black one.  Same idea here: if you mess up the edge, just get out the black afterwards and touch up.

Step 9: Chaos Black
Do each shape one at a time, touch up, move on to next shape.  For the Bork'an symbol, I found it easiest to start with the small circle, then the large area, and lastly the two filler areas.

Step 10: Badab Black
For all the metal bits.

Step 11: Devlan Mud
Ok, this I used on areas where there were metal scratches to dirty it up a little.  Also along the steps under the back hatch.

Step 12: Blood Red
Screens and sensors.  I'm going to do my usual 4-step gem tactic here.  Blood Red is the mid-tone.

Step 13: Scab Red
This is our dark area.  I'm applying this in the upper left area of the lenses as a large blob.  Should take up 1/3 to 1/2 of the lense.

Step 14: Blazing Orange
This is our highlight, and it goes in the opposite area as the dark.  I applied this in the lower right area of the lenses, as a line.

Step 15: Skull White
Depending on the shape of the lens, you'll want this as either a thin line or a dot in the dark area of the lens.

Well there she is; all trussed up and ready to act as mobile terrain for my Hammerheads ;)
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