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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

While I Was Gone

I did get a few things painted during that 6-month hiatus. Unfortunately, due to camera problems, I lost a lot of pictures I had taken for the various Step-By-Steps. Once I got all that sorted out, I retook the finishing pics at least for you all to see.

Here are the finished Sanguinary Guard I used in the 4-Step Gold tutorial. I think the next mini Step-By-Step will be on power weapons. Three of the models above are magnetized. Anyone (except Dante) NOT gripping their weapon with both hands has a magnetized arm. The two in the pic with Inferno Pistols can swap out for the standard Bolters. Also, the one on the far right can swap his power weapon for a Fist.

My finished Harald Deathwolf and a group of Wolf Guard. Harald is magnetized.

A few command squad members, including an old Cadian commander I had been wanting for a while. Also, chimera. I'm working more vehicles and transports into my armies, as they're all mostly foot

Ultramarines HQ. The two on the outside are meant to be standard Captains, and are both magnetized.

I always need more Boyz. Can't have enough. This lot came from the AoBR set.

Black Legion Thousand Sons. I love the way they came out.

I tried the new orange on the Hormaguants (Fiery Orange had been discontinued), but it's just not bright enough. I might need to go back to these to fix that.

Tau Piranhas. My new bottle of SW Grey is not as thick as my previous one. I had to use an Astronomicon basecoat first to really make any headway.

Khorne Flesh Hounds. They were done up in the same fashion as Skulltaker. ...though since they don't have all the extras, they were actually much quicker to do as a lot than he was alone.

... and this is my test-DE. I've been playing around with some color scheme ideas, and the above is what I've settled on. The kabal I chose is the Slashed Eye, which is a very dark blue ... but I really liked the Black Heart scheme, which was this dark green. So I decided to try for a teal. The armor is worked up in blues, then washed in Thraka Green.

Let me know what you think.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

4 Step Gold

I've been meaning to do more of these short Step-By-Steps ever since the Frostblade and Fur tutorials, and what better model to showcase gold than some Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard?

Step 1: Calthan Brown Basecoat
This isn't always necessary, especially if the area is small... but for larger objects, you need the undercoat. Gold over black looks horrible for large flat surfaces.

Step 2: Shining Gold

Step 3: Mithril Silver
Be very careful with this to lightly drybrush over the model. Focus on hitting edges.

Step 4: Devlan Mud Wash
Douse it.

Here's a quick shot of the progress on some other Sanguinary Guard as well as a converted Dante (only really changed the backpack to match the Guard). Let me know what you think.
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