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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Company Master Revisited

Company Master Ammael, Keeper of The Watch
Power Weapon

I made a slight conversion since my first posting of the commander. Due to playing a few games, and liking the general ability of the Space Marines to be flexible tactically, I felt the need to equip him with a power weapon in addition to his Combi-Weapon. That combi-weapon is badass, by the way. Not only does it look truly pimp on the model, but that single Plasma Gun shot really comes in handy, especially when he's rolling deep with his Command Squad. There's another Plasma gunner in there, and the Apothecary has a Plasma Pistol. That's some serious damage. Overall, one of the best abilities he has is his Rites of Battle, where every marine on the field uses his Leadership. Outside of that, I want to make his role balanced. If I want to make a close combat juggernaught, a Chaplain is better suited for that.
...anyways, back to the sword; I'm sure some of you long-timers recognize it, especially if you share a fascination for Dark Angels, or even Chaos. It's the "Lion Sword" that is normally included on the Cypher model. I had been trying to figure out a way to include a Power Sword with the Commander model, but with his other arm cloaked, that left me with few options. Luckily, I had an old poorly painted Cypher model lying around to take apart. Keep your old models, people! One day in the future you'll be looking at a current model pondering conversions and think to yourself "I wish I still had that old model X, there was a piece that would have been perfect!" It happened to me. Once I realized I needed a sheathed sword, the thought was instant; Cypher's sword. I simply shaved off the spiky bits that normally adorn the sides to make it look less chaos. Also, I took his backpack for a current variant Chaplain that I'm working on. I plan on making 3 chaplains, depending on what I need from them. 2 are done, one more to go ... but that's a whole 'nuther post.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Warboss "Gob-Stompa"


Mega Armour
Cybork Body
Ammo Runt

You've probably already guessed, but I made ol' Gob-Stompa with Ghazghkull Thraka's model. I took off the banner pole and the horns, and when painted like an Evil Sunz ork, he doesn't so much look like him anymore, which I'm happy about. The most fun I had painting this model was definitely dirtying and scratching it up. I haven't yet found an ammo runt that I'm happy with, so he'll have to be an 'aftermarket' addon.
It has begun. The orks iz here.
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