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Monday, July 14, 2008

Lava Basing

I have a big box of Chaos Daemons. They need bases. I've already learned the hard way to put a bit of thought into what I want on the bases before wholly gluing the models down (prying plastic Dark Angels off their bases so I can put a tiled floor down is taking me a VERY long time).

Anyways, what I wanted for my daemons is a scorched and cracked ground with a flow of lava underneath. What you see above is the final product. That is a thin (1/16" thick) disc of cork painted black, then drybrushed heavily with Bestial Brown, then drybrushed lightly with Bubonic Brown after I cut the "cracks." the yellow was painted directly onto the standard Base, so that it would show through. After the cork was glued down, I threw some red wash down in there, waited for it to dry, then retouched it with the yellow to brighten it back up.

What I wanted here was a good looking base that wasn't too big. With 5th edition hitting us this last weekend, and Line Of Sight rules changing to What You See Is What You Get, I need to be very conscious of adding any height to my models via the base. I found a cork sheet manufacturer who sold 1/16" thickness and I think it works it's magic without encumbering my daemons too much with the added height.

With that, I shall return to watching the clock until I can go home from work (my 5th ed. Collector's Edition rulebook arrived via FedEx while I was at work today. The waiting is intolerable. Patience is no virtue; it's a curse.)
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