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Monday, August 4, 2008

Red Through the Washes

As promised, a set of examples running a color through the set of GW washes.
I had a bunch of old sprues of genestealers from a half-used board game box set of Space Hulk, so 8 arms were basecoated in Mechrite Red, then hastily highlighted with Blood Red. I wanted a quick and dirty highlight to really show what the washes can do. Here is your control (no wash applied):

Now, the washes. Each pic should speak for itself, you'll see the wash used in the picture. While a lot of these washes act similarly to Black on red, most of them have an added bonus of acting like a glaze on the Blood Red highlight as well as providing the dark recesses. Some do one better than the other. I hope you find a look that appeals to you.

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