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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The new workspace

My wife and I bought a house.
There is a lot of room in it, and most importantly for me, my hobby no longer needs to be delegated to the garage :)

This pic is taken in the living room. It's a huge room that basically now has two areas. The L-couch in the foreground serves to partition off the part of the room that has the entertainment center and fireplace. The rest in the back there? ... it's all mine >:)

You'll see my cabinet (temporarily devoid of the models it usually holds) on the right, a small bookcase for my codices, rulebook, Dark Heresy books, and other rpg books (mainly D&D, Vampire and Call of Cthulhu). On the left is my hobby desk.

Here's a closeup of the desk. I'm probably going to install a shelf or two for more room, but I think first order of business is to get a tacklebox to use as a bitzbox. In packing up for the move, I found I have far too many sprues of extra parts. I need to size that all down.

Also pictured, a glimpse of the library. My wife is stoked she has a library. I find her some nights twirling around in it and humming tunes from Beauty and the Beast. So it's not just me that's happy about the new place. :)

Hopefully, I should be getting back to some painting soon, I've missed it so. Also, Space Hulk. The original board game was a large influence on my early 40k years, and I'm really digging the new models and look to the game so I'll definitely be getting it. I'll store it right next to my trophy for #1 GW Whore. I buy nearly anything they sell. ;)
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