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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Harald Deathwolf

The majority of this conversion is simply using Canis Wolfborn as the base. The model is amazing and huge ... plus I have no inclination to actually use Canis in game ... so he's now Harald. >:)

Originally, I was just planning on equipping him with Bolt pistol + Frost Blade, Belt of Russ, Thunderwolf, Saga of the Bear.

This would maximize on his number of attacks and (between the Twolf and Frost Blade) give him S6. Belt of Russ gives him 3+/4+. I've heard a lot about giving him a Thunderhammer+StormShield as well. Sure, I'd be hitting at S9 and have a 3+/3+ save, but with one less attack and at Initiative 1. I still do see the merits of it, though ... so I decided the best answer was simply to magnetize it:

His right arm is magnetized at the wrist with a 1/16" disc magnet. Both the Frost Axe and the Thunderhammer come from the Terminator Wolf Guard box set. Thankfully, Terminator hands look indistinguishable from Power Armour hands.

The left arm is magnetized at the shoulder with a larger 1/8" disc magnet. The shoulderpad is fixed, so the arm just gets slipped underneath. I added the above Storm Bolter for the hell of it. Why not?

A short time ago I converted a Tervigon and a Tyrannofex. Both of which required a ton of greenstuff ... and I have mixed feelings about them (don't worry, I'll show them eventually). I appear to be much much better at using greenstuff to fill seams and fix small patches, like the seam in the metal wolf model's head.

What do you guys think?
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