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Thursday, April 14, 2011

4 Step Gold

I've been meaning to do more of these short Step-By-Steps ever since the Frostblade and Fur tutorials, and what better model to showcase gold than some Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard?

Step 1: Calthan Brown Basecoat
This isn't always necessary, especially if the area is small... but for larger objects, you need the undercoat. Gold over black looks horrible for large flat surfaces.

Step 2: Shining Gold

Step 3: Mithril Silver
Be very careful with this to lightly drybrush over the model. Focus on hitting edges.

Step 4: Devlan Mud Wash
Douse it.

Here's a quick shot of the progress on some other Sanguinary Guard as well as a converted Dante (only really changed the backpack to match the Guard). Let me know what you think.
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