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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Sorry if it's a little blurry. I had another Asmodai model lying around, and have begun work on a variant Chaplain, this one with a Power Fist. Also, his backpack comes off of Cypher. I will be making a third, which I'm pretty sure will be (tactically) my favorite based on Fritz's suggestion of Power Fist + Jump Pack. My only dilemma is a suitable model.
I don't think the Asmodai model will work well with a Jump Pack, he's very static with his robes ... so already I'm looking at the possibility that my Chaplain will not look Dark Angels-y. There is a Power-Fist Chaplain who looks like he could work with a Jump Pack. I hate the "rib bones" on the front of his armor, though. I don't think I'm good enough with Green Stuff to attempt adding robes to him, though that would definitely solve the Dark Angels problem as well as the ribs. Lastly, I want a non-generic Jump Pack, if possible. I may need some help here with suggestions, as the GW site isn't great about showing me the rest of the details on certain models.
It looks like Lord Dante's pack has wings on it. Are they BA specific, or just wings? How about Captain Shrike's? I can barely see wings from the pic, but that's all.
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