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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Army List adjustments

There are a couple things I'm considering changing, especially given the last Battle Report.


I poured over the Eldar Codex to find ways to make the units just that much more efficient, and I came across something. It's small, but every little bit would help. An Autarch's Swooping Hawk Wings cost 20 points. Warp Spider Generator costs 25. The only difference between the two options as far as game mechanics go, is that the Generator allows an extra 2d6 move during the assault phase if I'm not assaulting. If I were to roll doubles, however, he would be removed as a casualty. I don't think I like the idea of that kind of risk, so I'm considering switching him to the Wings and finding another place to use those 5 points.

For the Falcon, it occurs to me that the addition of a Spirit Stone could have prevented my opponent's spectacular loss (that and starting the Falcon in cover in the first place). It's only 10 points. While I was at it, I thought about Holo-Fields, but at 35 points it becomes less of a deal.

Dark Angels

The Company Master doesn't have a power weapon, and I could definitely feel it. I'm preparing a small conversion using a sheathed power sword I had in the bitz box (off of Cypher's model).

Also, after reading through some army lists and tactics on DakkaDakka, most of the Space marine players really feel that the best wargear combo for a Chaplain is to give him a Power Fist. With his rosarius and Litanies of Hate, it would make him the perfect character-killer. Looking back, I do realize that the Chaplain could have insta-killed the Autarch if he had a Power-Fist ... so I'm seeing the appeal.

What do you guys think? Suggestions? I'd love to hear them.
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