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Friday, July 19, 2013

4-Step Power Weapon

There's a quick-and-dirty method I use for power weapons, that I've done before in some of the larger step-by-steps... but I thought it deserved its own post.

Step 1: Leadbelcher
Coat the weapon involved

Step 2: White Scar
Paint lines like electricity flowing along the weapon.  I usually cheat the lines a bit to follow edges

Step 3: Glaze/Wash
Given that I want this particular Power Weapon to be red, I chose the Bloodletter Glaze, but really you can substitute for any wash or glaze.  I've done blues, purples, greens, all to great effect.  All other steps remain the same in this tutorial, all you have to do is swap this step out for the appropriate color you want.

Step 4: White Scar
As the final step, go back in with the white and pick out some of the lines again.  Not all of them, mind, just the areas that you want to emphasize

Easy Power Weapons.  How does this look to you guys?  What do you do for Power Weapons?
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