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Monday, January 14, 2013

5-Step Purple

I've been in a Tyranid kind of mood for a while, thought I'd share how I do purple with the new paint line.

Step 1: Naggaroth Night
This needs to be laid on heavy on all areas where you're doing purple.  It's very dark, but will show through on crevices.

Step 2: Genestealer Purple
I painted this rather heavily on all raised areas, leaving the Naggaroth to show through in recesses and crevices.  This is the main color for our purple, and is a little bright for my taste, but will be toned down by the end.

Step 3: Pink Horror
As this is a flesh tone for my Tyranids, I'm looking for a little variation in the highlights to keep things interesting (similar to how I use yellow as the highlight for Orks).  As a highlight, keep it to very raised areas, edges, or places you want highlighted to to object source lighting.

Step 4: Kindleflame
This is a dry paint, and is your final highlight.  Stick really only to edges and as finishing spotlights along very raised edges.  The model now should look way too bright, and that's usually ok in my book as I like to finish off with a shade to tone everything down and tie colors together.

Step 5: Druchi Violet
Lay it on thick.  This will help to blend the different colors you got going on and reign in the extremes
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