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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

5-Step Fur

Following off of the Frostblade tutorial, I figured the other thing to really pick out in this model is the fur, given that the actual Wolf Lord is covered under the Step-By-Step Space Wolf.

Step 1: Astronomican Grey
I covered the wolf entirely with this. Get out your ratty brush, too, all the crannies will mess up any good brush you have.

Step 2: Skull White
Mostly this was drybrushed rather heavily over the wolf. I'm going to bring the color down with a wash, so it's ok if it looks too bright.

Step 3: Badab Black
The wash was applied pretty liberally. If you're looking for a grey-ish kind of wolf you could stop here, but I'm looking for a little more variety so...

Step 4: Skull White
Two things are happening at this step. The head and ears are getting more of a watered down blend in successive layers to build up to what I want. The rest of the fur is getting drybrushed ...
...but you'll notice that I'm applying the drybrush heavier along the legs and underside of the wolf.

Step 5: Devlan Mud
To break up the black/white, I added some Devlan Mud in the areas (mostly the mane, along the back and tail) to get a bit of color in there.

There you have it. It's a relatively fast fur that comes out looking nice, IMO. The wolf isn't done, mind you, but the fur is. What methods do you guys have of painting fur?
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