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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Old One Eye: Step-By-Step

Sorry about the down-time. Warpstorms stole my internets. It's all good now, I called an electrician to run ethernet lines to the back of the house (wireless signal couldn't penetrate walls, and wireless repeaters were unsuccessful).

Anywho, on to business. :)

I have 4 Carnifex kits that I stocked up on long before the new codex release. Imagine my dismay when I found out how the carnifexes got nerfed! I had already assembled the above, and decided he was to be Old One Eye, as that character actually seemed worthwhile, though expensive. The other three shall be converted into a Tyrannofex, a Tervigon, and a Harpy.

Step 1: Basecoat

Step 2: Mix of Warlock Purple and Dheneb Stone
The ratio I used was 2 parts Warlock Purple, 1 part Dheneb Stone.

Step 3: Codex Grey Drybrush
Apply lightly to the already black carapace.

Step 4: Fortress Grey Drybrush
This was drybrushed even lighter along carapace edges.

Step 5: Heavy Leviathan Purple Wash
Cover all that "way too Slaanesh" pink.

Step 6: Dheneb Stone
Here comes that 5-step bone effect. Base in Dheneb.

Step 7: Devlan Mud Wash
Heavy wash, get it dark in all cracks/crevices.

Step 8: Bleached Bone Drybrush
We're bringing the color back.

Step 9: Skull White Drybrush
Applied light and mostly along edges.

Step 10: Gryphonne Sepia Wash
This is the final step for the bone. Apply strategically, along the mid/deep areas of the bone. Near the roots. Leave the Skull White edges alone.

Step 11: Blood Red
Along the face.

Step 12: Fiery Orange
My bugs have bright warning signs along their carapaces. I chose Orange to play off and stand out from the current color scheme. Mine is meant to be garish and contrasting. There are other effects that are more in-line with the color scheme, yet still make a statement.

Step 13: Dheneb Stone
This is for the tongue. I've found that Dheneb Stone looks a lot like lifeless flesh. Applying a wash to it to give it life tends to look good.

Step 14: Baal Red
Ah, a fleshy red tongue.

Step 15: 'Ardcoat
Again for the tongue. Makes it look slimy. Ick.

Step 16: Calthan Brown
Basecoat for the base. I'm going with my typical brown barren dirt scheme for the 'nids.

Step 17: Basing Sand
Put down a layer of glue. Cover with Basing Sand. Allow to dry. Coat with watered down glue to seal so you don't get those annoying bits of sand coming off later.

Step 18: Devlan Mud Wash
Done! :D

What do you guys think? Anything in there you found useful? Anything you'd have done differently? Lay it on me in the comments section.
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