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Friday, September 19, 2008

Custom Objectives: Eldar

While I love the green plastic counters that GW offers, I couldn't help but feel a bit strange fighting some other army over what looks like a holographic banner midfield. So, the thought occurred to me to make my own Objective Markers to make things look more cinematic.

First up, a boulder covered with runes:

I had one of my trusty Warlocks stand in for scale. It's one of the smaller objectives, made out of a chunk of styrofoam that I chopped up with a hot wire cutter. It's on a large flying base with some small rocks around the base, and finally flocked to match the Eldar Terrain Set.

What is the significance of the Rune-Rock? I don't know, I can't read Eldar ;P
I did add the spirit rune on the side that you usually see on the Wraithguard and Wraithlords... so perhaps it's a conduit to the planet's spirit? You decide.

Next up, a Wounded Autarch. I had this model leftover because I wanted the best of both blister packs for my own. I liked the Scorpion helmeted one, but wanted the Power Weapon. Silly me. So I bent this model a bit, so he'd be barely sitting up, and bent his feet forward so they look a bit more natural for someone laying down. I gave him the Shuriken pistol arm, and positioned it to look like he's propping himself up on his elbow. I then filed off the Soul Stone and belt normally around his chest. Why? Because I green-stuffed a soul-stone on a belt for him to hold out in his hand (arm was the Autarch Chainsword arm). He's on a Large Flying Base with some Greenstuff piled up into a mound for him to lay on. The small bit of Eldar terrain you see sticking out of the ground near his mound is off of the Wraithlord sprue.

In his last moments of life, his only desire is for someone to recover his Soul Stone to further help his people. Will you retrieve it for the good of the Eldar? ...or deny the Stone's power to his dying and desperate people?

A statue of the Avatar. The model is standing on top of a chunk of Styrofoam glued on top of a Monstrous Creature base. The smaller statues come from the Dire Avengers sprue. This guy was real easy to make. Foundation paint Astronomicon Grey, Badab Black wash, Skull White drybrush. There are a few splotches of Devlan Mud around the statue as well.

Frighteningly detailed and displayed prominently, why do the Eldar protect the statue so? It is said each of the Eldar worlds has a shard of their Bloody-Handed God, could this statue have some vital role in the revival of this world's Avatar?

On to the larger objectives. A crashed Eldar Falcon. Now before a bunch of you rail on me for destroying $35 on an objective, lemme explain. A while back I ordered a single Warp Spider mini from a bits site (not telling who), who promply lost record of my order (yet was happy to take my money immediately) for a good 3-4 months. After a couple of emails, they eventually found the order, and sent me not only the Warp Spider, but most of an Eldar Falcon "for my troubles." There were several bits missing from the Falcon Sprue to the point that I couldn't come up with a way to salvage it (missing windshields, for example) ... and so I sacrificed the complimentary Falcon to the Hobby Gods.

The raised bits of land were formed mainly of styrofoam with a bit of greenstuff. A glued layer of rock covers it all. The Falcon's wing was chopped off so that it would protrude from the rock at a wrong angle. The rear door was glued on askew. the bits of glass are made by clipping up the clear plastic sprue that holds the Flying Stands.

Are there survivors trapped in the Passenger Bay? Do the Eldar fear the repercussions of their enemies getting ahold of some mostly-in-tact technology? Precious cargo?

And lastly, the Warp Gate. This one's real big; breaking up the terrain a bit by slapping down a wall. This is made of poster-board, and was cut out using the print-out instructions on GW's site (look for German Warp Gate). The large stone is a $1 bit of costume jewelry.

I made 5 Objectives due to the current rules requiring d3+2 Objective Markers to be placed. One of which (The Warp Gate) doesn't have a base matching the terrain so it can be used as an HQ in the Capture and Control mission. Basically, no matter the terrain set, the Eldar army can use the Warp Gate as their objective.
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