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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Codex

I got the new Orks codex for Christmas.  Over all, I'm very pleased with it.


There are lots of options for customizing this army how you would want it, actually more than were in the previous.

They brought back the Weirdboyz, allowing you to take a psyker with two tiers of power; a normal Weirdboy or a Warp-head.  Their abilities are quite powerful, but ultimately unpredictable ... just how I would want an Orks psyker.

Shokk Attack Gun makes a comeback as well.  This is one of my favorite parts in the book.  Given to a Big Mek, it teleports a snotling through the warp and (hopefully) into the armored suit of your target.  As with the Weirdboyz, this has a chance of going horribly wrong.  Just reading the descriptions of the possible horrendous side-effects of this gun make me laugh.  I'm definitely bringing one along in my Evil Sunz army.  (already have the model)

Deffkoptas also come back.  These, for all intents and purposes, are jetbikes.  JETBIKES.  That means they can move in the assault phase even if not assaulting! [EDIT]Not the case, as I originally thought.  The 6" move in the assault phase is specific to Eldar jetbikes.  Your Saim-hann are safe for now, Fritz!  ;P [/EDIT]  Each one comes equipped with a twin-linked Big Shoota!  That's a 36" range S 5, Assault 3 Twin-Linked gun on EACH!  They also have the amusing ability to drop bombs.  I can place a template anywhere along the line I moved in my movement phase as the bomb target.  This will be fun.

Stikkbombas are gone.  Well, not really.  Instead, you have the ability to equip a mob of Boyz, 'Ard Boyz, Nobz, etc with Stickbombs for a few extra points.  In essence, they're there.

There's a limit on 'Ard Boyz.  One mob/army.

MegaNobz is it's own Elites unit.  It's a mob of Nobz in Mega-Armour.  

There is some flexibility in the army list that I really, really like.   I tend to like getting as much as much variety as possible when putting together a 3,000 point army list.  This way, when I am going to a 1,750 pt. game (for example) I can try many different combinations of units in order to find out what works best in what situation.  So, if you have a Warboss as one of your HQ choices, you can take ONE unit of Nobz as a Troops selection.  Also, if you have a Big Mek as one of your HQ choices, you can take ONE Deff Dread as a Troops selection.

Ok, here's what I have planned for my Evil Sunz so far:

Warboss (Uruk Gob-Stompa)
in mega armour

Big Mek (Greese Munkee)
with Shokk Attack Gun

Kommandos mob (10)
Tankbustas mob (10) with bomb-squigs
Burnas mob (15) with grot oiler

Choppas mob (20)
Choppas mob (20)
Shootas mob (20)
'Ard Boyz mob (12) in a Trukk
Choppas mob (12) in a Trukk
Nobz mob (10) in a Trukk (Warboss goes with them)

Warbikers mob (12)
Deffkoptas (4)
War-buggies (3)

Looted Tank
Deff Dread
Killa Kans (3)

I left out most of the upgrades and such for brevity's sake.
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