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Friday, January 18, 2008

The Workbench

Having mostly caught up with where I'm at painting-wise, and being a relatively slow painter, I find that I may need to explore other avenues for posting fodder.

My solution: The Workbench. Pics of progress I'm making on current projects. I hope you find any of this useful/interesting.

Above, my actual workbench. It was actually made by my father-in-law in shop class as a desk for his own hobby. He built it higher than a normal desk so he wouldn't be hunched over it. He gave it to me when we moved into the new townhouse. It's in the garage next to my trusty mini-fridge and dusty Bow-flex (a beam pokes into frame on the right). See dad, it's put to good use!

A peek inside one of the desk's shelves. This is where my old retired models go. I'm too sentimental to get rid of them, which turns out to be a good thing. They're handy for parts.

A closeup of the desk. You can see the entire contents of the Ork Spearhead box already assembled and set for primer, as well as a line of Thousand Sons, a Chaos Rhino, and some Tyranids in the back. Also, see that beige model in the back there next to the cup? It's an old Leman Russ model that I'm slowly converting into an Ork Looted Wagon. More on that later.

Here's the current project; an Eldar Wraithlord. Being Alaitoc, I'm painting him up in the traditional blue/yellow scheme. I'm going for a strange fade effect on his armor, making it almost look bottom-lit. It should end up giving the model an eerie spirit-like look. I modeled him with a Wraithblade and a Bright Lance. As you can see, I opted to put the Lance on the back of one arm. All of the Tabards are arranged in the back, to look like a kind of cape.

I'm almost done with the blue areas. last highlights still need to be applied on it's right leg and some of it's right hand.

Here's a closeup of the head. I wanted at least some of it to have the cool camo-mottled effect I've been dabbling the other models with, and this seemed the best place for it. Also, see that black plate on his face? It's actually the Wraithlord's cod-piece. You heard me. My Wraithlord wears his crotch on his face. That's how he rolls.
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