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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Loot!

Lots of 40K stuff came rolling in this holiday season (and birthday, since mine was 12/21) from my loved ones.
I've seriously got my work set out for me!  Here's what came in:

Chaos Rhino
Thousand Sons Boxed Set
Tyranid Broodlord
Orks "Spearhead" boxed set
Orks Codex
Eldar Warlock with Singing Spear
Witch Hunters Inquisitor

My lovely wife secured the Spearhead+Codex before they ran out for the year.  I was so very happy.  There's so much in that box!  There's a Weirdboy, a Big Mek (with Shokk Attack Gun), 10 boyz, 5 Lootas/Burnas, 5 Tankbustas, 2 Bombsquigs, a Trukk, and 3 Warbikers!  Time to paint me up some Evil Sunz!  
I'll cover my first impression of the new Ork Codex when I get a bit of time.  Work, work, work.
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