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Friday, December 7, 2007

Exodite World Terrain Set

So this is what I've been busy making for the last week or so. A set of modular terrain. Above, you can see all the pieces put into place within the 6 ft. by 4 ft. collapsable table that I had made a few months back. The pieces are made of 1" thick styrofoam which I cut into 2 ft. by 2 ft. blocks.

I used Home Depot paint (brown and green) and sprinkled Static Grass over it while it was still wet.

There are two bags worth of trees I got from the GW store, one bag on one piece of board, and the other on another.

The hills are another chunk of styrofoam that I attacked with a hot-wire cutter to get some ridges on them.
I, for the most part, placed the terrain in a corner, or to one side of a block of styrofoam, so as to give me many options depending on how I lay down that block. Every time I have a battle with this set, It can be a completely different layout. Maybe all the trees are near to each other as seen in a previous pic. Maybe they're across the board from each other. Maybe the Eldar Warpgate is in the center of the board (for Take and Hold missions), maybe it's in a corner.

Speaking of Eldar Warpgates, here it is. I placed a Falcon on the board for size reference. I have plans to make 6 or 7 sets of terrain like this, each one having a different theme. This set's theme is an Exodite world. There is an Eldar Warpgate to represent that this is Eldar territory. It is bright and green. A verdant world to represent the hopes and desires of the Eldar community. The Exodite worlds are their last chance.
By far, this set will be the most "pristine." The set I have planned for the Imperium is a jungle world riddled with ruins of old buildings. The landscape is taking back the world. It will serve as a visual representation of the state of the Imperium. ...but more on that when I make it.

Here's a close-up of the Warp Gate with my Farseer posing for the photo. He plans on taking it back to Alaitoc to show the rest of the Seer Council, I'm sure.
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