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Thursday, August 29, 2013


I've been far more busy/active than it may appear from what posts are up lately... although a lot of that has been video games, so I don't know if one would call that "busy" LOL.  Video games, more comics, possible YouTube show, real-life work... you know... the usual.

Video Games

Brothers is an awesome little indie game on the Xbox Live Arcade.  In the game you play both brothers simultaneously.  The right analog and trigger control the little brother, while the left analog and trigger control the big brother.  It's a cool concept and is executed very well, with plenty of puzzles and challenges to face, and each brother having different abilities.  For instance, one of the easier early puzzles involves a cliff face that neither can reach the top alone, but with a coiled rope at the top.  Big brother can hoist little brother up to the top, so that he can drop the rope down for big brother.

The act of controlling both at once can get awkward for some, all I can say is that I've had plenty of practice playing the animal catchers on the Animal Crossing mini-game in Nintendo Land on the Wii U.  Same idea there... two catchers, each controlled by his own analog stick and trigger.  

One fair warning: the game was designed in Sweden... and if you're not familiar with Scandinavian games, they tend to be quite depressing (when compared to American games).  I still heartily recommend.

I've also started playing Mass Effect again.  I've played through them as a goodie-good Captain America soldier-type, now I'm playing through as a Captain Janeway (Star Trek Voyager) type (the soldier-biotic hybrid class).  It's much more fun playing through as a hard-ass... although Garrus still seems to think he can sneak off to wank when he thinks I'm not looking...


After settling a three-way argument between my computer, Adobe CS4, and my Wacom tablet, I'm a little more enthused to get back into the comics thing, though oddly exhausted just from the struggling.  It's a wonder that FTL comic ever got done, to be honest.  That said, I've got another all drawn up and ready to be inked in Photoshop.  Hopefully I won't get any sass from my tablet this time around.

Possible YouTube show?

Some friends and I have been discussing doing an infrequent YouTube show centered around gaming and drinking.  It'll be like a Let's Play, but while drunk.  Possible themed cocktails, too.  Still fleshing out the details, but if it happens, you'll see that here as well.

Real life stuffs

And then of course, there's real life stuff to get in the way.  Some heavy projects have landed on my desk at work, taking a good amount of my 'will to be productive', as it were... and there's an upcoming friend's destination wedding that I'm excited for.  All this to say there's been a lot going on, but not a lot in any one direction.  I feel like I haven't been productive at all, haha.
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