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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Crowdfunding Projects

The two crowd-funding projects I mentioned last month are almost done, and both surpassed their goals!  They both close out tomorrow, so this is your chance to hop in last minute!

RAFM's Call of Cthulhu miniatures is well into their stretch goals and they've started adding new miniatures to the line.  Check out this investigator model:

I want that model just to paint, roleplaying game or no.  Here's their link on indiegogo.

Warmachine Tactics is also winding down on its Kickstarter project, and they've more than doubled their stated goal.  I'm happy that not all of the stretch goals are purely related to the video game, as they are known for their miniatures as well.  Check this mini out:
Again, like with the above Cthulhu mini, I'd buy this just for the fun of painting it, period.
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