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Friday, August 2, 2013


So I got the urge to play some Skyrim the other day (It's been easily over a year since playing it), and I always seem to find myself drawn in to some side quest or another to the exclusion of all else.  Last playthrough I ended up the Archmage of Winterhold and made it my personal quest to find all the legendary masks.  First time through, I literally followed the story quests without any sides.  Ended up being the least interesting route to go.  Flavoring the experience with some side quests seems to make things incredibly more fun for me, at least.

Here's an example.  I started my new game the other day... and after telling myself I'd play as something I'd never played as before, I ended up choosing a Nord and deciding he'll be a warrior who also casts magic (just like every playthrough except the archmage one, lol).  Upon reaching Whiterun, I thought "you know who I never really payed attention to?  The Companions.  Let's go see what they're about."

After poking around for a while, I was sized up by the elder Companion, and sent on a mission with Farkas.

Farkas, Supervisor of Sexy Bastards in Jorrvaskr
We were going to go retrieve some artifact from a ruins a little ways from Whiterun.  Skjor  gave me what seemed an ominous warning at the time.  "Just don't get Farkas killed."
What?  I thought Farkas was there to evaluate MY worth?  Now I have to worry about him dying?

Imagine my horror when a particular part of the dungeon separates me from Farkas via a portcullis gate while several armed people tagged as "Silver Hand" come tromping in to confront Farkas.  And I'm entirely unable to do anything.

Yeah, apparently I should not have been concerned in the slightest
So Farkas is a werewolf...
Suddenly I'm OK with a portcullis between us

At least he seems in control of himself, so it's not the OH SHIT A WEREWOLF, THIS IS HOW I DIE! -kind of werewolf.  Kinda neat.  He tells me that the whole werewolf thing is a secret to everybody.  I guess I'm not leaving the Companions any time soon...

It's not long until Skjor wants me to meet him at a secret location at night.  I sense it's turn-you-into-a-werewolf time...

Skjor, SVP, Managing Director of Sexy Bastards in Jorrvaskr
One does not say no to Skjor.  After a short blood-ritual (that seemed more fitting for vampires than werewolves, honestly), I'm running about Whiterun as a bleary-eyed werewolf, trying not to kill anybody but still looking to try out my claws.

I awaken out in the mountains, naked.  Apparently in my werewolf rage I stripped to nothing yet still had the sense to pack away my gear in my backpack, hahaha.  In the mountains, Aela finds me and tells me to accompany her to a Silver Hand hideout, where Skjor went ahead.

Aela, COO of Sexy Bastards in Jorrvaskr
And as a full-fledged werewolf companion, I raid the Silver Hands hideout with Aela to discover that Skjor is dead.  Jorrvaskr has suddenly become a much darker, more ominous place to me.  I had always just thought it some merry drink-hall used by local hunters in Whiterun.

Job Opening:  Jorrvaskr now looking for new Managing Director of Sexy Bastards.
Experience in bad-assery a must.
Experience in smelling like a wet dog is a must.
Experience in Insomnia a must.
Dragonborn preferred, but not required.
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