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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Opening up the Space Hulk

The box came Tuesday, and I spent all night pouring over the books and assembling the models. I delighted over the details of the models and the compelling story-line and missions to play. With the exception of one oddly nagging inconsistency I found between fluff and gameplay, I must say I was quite pleased!

Tonight, the wife and I decided to give the game a go. As I had spent the previous night pouring over the rules, I played the part of the genestealers, while my wife played the zealous marines.

Though things got a little hairy there towards the end of the first mission, the Emperor praised her dice when she needed it, and not a single marine fell to the vicious bugs! Squad Lorenzo was victorious, and the savior pod manual override control room was destroyed. These genestealers weren't going anywhere; their fate was now inexorably linked with that of The Sin of Damnation.

The game was very fun, and we both enjoyed the forced timing keeping things moving. All in all, this was a glorious success, and she's looking forward to Captain Raphael's next orders in the second mission.

... as far as that inconsistency I mentioned earlier, it involves Brother Valencio. His unique heraldry has shoe-horned him as the chain-fist model. Valencio is part of Lorenzo's squad, and several times makes reference to the debt he owes Lorenzo. Yet in the mission set-ups, Lorenzo's squad doesn't have a chainfist... Gideon's squad does (none of Gideon's squad's models come with a chainfist). Small oversight on their part, but easily forgivable. I simply swap Valencio's model with Scipio's for the missions.
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