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Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Workspace - continued

The desk you've seen already may look a little under the weather, but this bad-boy is sturdy as hell. There are a few reasons I'm using this as opposed to, say, a drafting table (as suggested by John from Santa Cruz Warhammer). First, it was hand built by my father-in-law. He built it in shop class specifically for his hobby (model cars). It's ridiculously strong, taller than a normal desk so you don't stoop over it, and it's already painted on! It's made for this stuff (and he seems over-joyed that someone is using it for what it was intended).

John's suggestions are great if you are looking to set up your own workspace:
one of the reasons I like the drafting table is the hight, and the other is the work top size.

be sure you keep the stuff you use close, so you don't have to get up for anything, might think of a light from above, under the shelf or even a paper towel roll, if you want music while you work, keep that close as well, it would be great to be able to keep paints on the wall right in front of you some sort of hanging rack.

I also use a 12 inch white tile I bought at Home depot to mix paint/ work on, keeps me from mixing on the table top.

It is great to have a dedicated place to work. (John from Santa Cruz Warhammer)

The workspace has evolved some, you may notice some of the differences already. I got a white-light lamp and a shelf from Home Depot.

The shelf rules, though it caused me its fair share of troubles. The box instructions tell me to drill holes in the wall 23 1/4" apart for the screw-mounts (the holding bracket is on the backside of those supports underneath the shelf, which are themselves attached to the shelf by wooden pegs). I did so, and put in the screw anchors, followed by the screws, assembled the shelf, only to find out when I tried to mount it that the supports (and thus the holding brackets) were a full 24" apart. I was off by 3/4" and it wasn't my fault!

... so back to Home Depot. I liked the shelf, and didn't mind keeping it, but one of the screw anchors was decimated when I pulled it out of the wall, and needed a replacement. I brought the shelf, and the box to show them that the measurement error was not my fault, expecting to have to do battle with the help desk. Turns out, I had prepared for naught. The lady at the desk was super helpful, and told me that it would just be easier on everyone's part if I just left the shelf there with them, and picked up a brand new one from the aisle in exchange. Done.

... I return home, drill a new hole at 24", insert the screw anchor, then the screw, assemble the shelf and prepare to mount it ... only to find out that THIS shelf's supports are at the correct 23 1/4" apart. Luckily the spackle wasn't fully dry in the first hole and I had spare parts from the exchange... so it all worked out in the end, but whew!

Another thing I've been meaning to do forever. Tackleboxes. I've hit all of my plastic sprues, and organized all my bitz. Most of the Space Marine bitz can fit in one tray (Termie and SM vehicles take a second tray)!

The tacklebox fits an awesome 4 trays! And they fit in the open shelves in the desk!

So naturally, I bought 4 tackleboxes.
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