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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Painted SM and IG

Finally got around to painting that SM Terminator Commander. Here he is with Storm Bolter and Power Fist:

The torso, cape and legs are from the pewter Marneus Calgar. The shoulders are from the plastic Dreadnought sprue (leg plates). The seals, head and censors on his back are from the DA Ravenwing and DA Veterans sprues. Fun latin lesson: His shoulderplate says "Non Venia" which roughly translates to "unforgiven."

You knew he was magnetized, don't be coy about it ;)

The power weapon effect above was basecoated in Boltgun Metal. Cover with a watered down Enchanted Blue. Make sure it's very diluted... you want some metal to shine through. Draw your energy waves with Ice Blue. You want some randonimity, but cheat a little and have them hug edges and the center line. Follow Ice Blue with Skull White. Try to do this last step while the Ice Blue is still wet.

Same effect for the Lightning Claws.

Fun Latin lesson Part 2: "Fides" translates as "Faith." That's right: Faith is his shield. Yes I went there.

Nothing says "I love you" like dual-Thunder-Hammers. :)

Also, since I finished him with some leftover time tonight, I painted up my first Guardsman:

I'm not a terrible fan of the green on khaki colour scheme that's typical to Cadia, so I opted to change it up a bit. Also, I don't want any two of my armies to share color schemes, and the Dark Angels called the green and bone first.

I rather like the Brown on Khaki, I think it looks great. What do you guys think of it? The officers, of course, will get some more flair with some red thrown in their scheme...
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