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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

IG - Thoughts and Confusion

Ok, so the IG Codex finally arrived on my doorstep last night, and I got to get a good read-through. A few things stood out to me.

The new Orders system sounds awesome and powerful. I had, for a while, shunned the idea of taking Heavy Weapons Teams because of the low BS of the Guard. But the "Bring it Down!" Order sounds supremely useful, allowing a Heavy Weapons Team to act as if it's guns are all Twin-Linked. The downside? Heavy Weapons Teams have a Ld of 7, and no option to take a Vox Caster ... making this not so great, as you only get so many orders/turn. The work-around? A Commissar-Lord's Aura of Discipline, allowing any unit within 6" of him to use HIS Ld10 for morale/Ld tests (and yes, they specify that you can use it for Orders tests). You can avoid his Summary Execution by not attaching him to a squad (he is an Independent Character) and have him chill out near your Heavy Weapons Teams.

OK, on to my dilemma:

I'm looking to collect and build an IG army, but I've become confused as to how to model the armour. Power Armour aside (I don't know why they listed and explained it, I can't find anyone in the list who can even take it), the two armour types are Flak and Carapace. I'm mainly looking to collect Cadian minis as I like the look and style, so follow along with me while I go through this and please let me know what you think.

Here's a pic from GW's site that are your standard Cadian troopers:
Normal Infantry wear Flak armour. what the hell is this?:
Is that ALSO Flak armour? Does the chest-plate mean NOTHING?

Lord Creed and Sergeant Kell are both listed as having Carapace armour:
Now in Kell's instance, I can see a clear difference in the amount of armour he's wearing compared to the normal troopers ... but Creed? He looks like he's wearing the exact same armour as a normal trooper! So what's the carapace armour? I'm inclined to go with Kell's suit, as the Kasrkin models wear similar, and Storm Troopers also wear carapace:
I'm at such a loss as to how to actually distinguish carapace armour from Flak that I'm almost convinced NOT to collect Cadians, and go with another set ... like Steel Legion or Death Corps of Krieg. They all LOOK like they're wearing flak jackets, and I could easily use a Cadian torso to represent carapace...

But that leads me to other problems. Death Corps of Krieg are expensive. Far too expensive for a horde army, in my opinion. Steel Legion has a miserable line of minis that are all in pewter! The artwork in the book for them is amazing, but the minis look terrible... like Valhallan-terrible. And pewter is notoriously difficult for conversions. Crap, if they released enough torsos and arms of the second picture, I could see something to work with on Cadians, but the whole chest guard = no chest guard is strange to me.

What do you guys all think?
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