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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Painted Chaos SM Rhino

Time for a little Choas SM love. After how successful my Chaos Terminator Lord turned out, I suddenly had the itch to paint up more of my Black Legion. Abaddon would be proud. ...or he wouldn't care, depending on his mood and/or how many noobs he's pwn'd that day. He strikes me as having a similar personality to those hard-core video-gamers who make it their job to go out of their way to grief people in game, constantly mocking the Imperials over his vox-caster. >:)

The black paint-job here is similar to what I did on the Lord. Basecoat of Charadon Granite followed by a heavy Badab Black wash, then edged with Codex Grey. All of the gold was Shining Gold followed by a heavy Devlan Mud wash.

"I don't think we have enough heads on our tank!"

The red here was just a Mechrite Red followed by a Devlan Mud wash.

I found a nifty list of Latin phrases on Wikipedia. From what I had seen in the various canon, Latin looks to be the "High Gothic" language used by the Imperium... plus it just looks cool emblazoned on tanks/armour and such. Vivere Militare Est translates as "To live is to fight." I've found some other cool even more chaos-y quotes in there for my future Chaos vehicles...


"Lrn 2 play, Commissar."

"For the Greater Good, lol."
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