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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Week's Progress ... and other stuffs

Sorry about not posting for a good 2 weeks. The wife and I are shopping for a house, so that's been stealing a lot of our time. Gotta find one with a room large enough for all my 40k stuff. ;)

This weekend I spent a whole lotta time painting. I'm ready to pass out from this marathon quite pleased, and I think you'll see why:

Finished that Diresword Exarch.

Painted a twin Shuriken-Catapult Exarch while I was at it. :)

Finally got the hang of that snow basing. Starting with a white basecoat really helps. Also, after the snow-flakes are glued down, I followed up with another layer of watered down glue on top of the flakes. It ended up flattening it a bit and making it look like they're actually on snow instead of Splenda. ;P I painted 5 Tau in celebration of this.

My wife bought me this Big Mek for Christmas. I would always rave about him and show her pictures of him off the online store. He's got such character. I love this model.

I finished the paint-a-thon by making 10 lava bases, and painting up 10 Khorne Bloodletters. The hell-blade scheme is inspired by one of the pics from the Daemons Codex. There was a scheme that made the blade look like the heat was coming from the hilt and was inside the blade itself. It was a smouldering kind of look and I thought it perfectly captured what a "hell-blade" would look like.

I got this look through a few steps. The blade was first based in Solar Macharius Orange, then some Skull White was put around the hilt and edges to lighten it up. I then coated the blade in Sunburst Yellow (GW's yellows are really weak, which is why I used Skull White first, so it would be a bright yellow). The blade should look very bright, and if you're going for a flame-scheme, this is a good place to stop. Next, I used Baal Red wash, keeping it away from the hilt and some edges, then coating the last 2/3 of the blade (you'll notice in the final pic, the end edges should be orange). This took a few layers to get it deep enough. Lastly a few layers of Badab Black along the flat of the blade, again keeping away from edges. Keep hitting it with the Badab Black until it's dark enough for your tastes.

The Daemons themselves were a quick process. The skin was Mechrite Red, followed by a heavy Blood Red drybrush, followed by a light Solar Macharius Orange drybrush, then a Devlan Mud wash.

Now, I'm basically the 40K posterboy for ADD, so it should strike you as significant that I assembly-lined a 10 man squad. I normally don't have the attention span for that kind of thing. I had read Ron's post a while back on FTW about how anyone can assembly line if you set aside the time specifically for it, do not allow yourself to be distracted, and stick to it. This finished unit is a testament to that... and also gives me a lot of hope given the imminent release of IG which I've pre-ordered like a typical GW-whore. ;) ... and I've also ordered some BFG, so you all will get to see that soon too. I certainly don't make it easy on myself, do I?

I've picked up a few more arms for my SM Terminator Captain. Double Thunderhammers! Woo!

The left hand was, of course, converted using a normal thunderhammer and a Termie powersword arm.

Yeesh, what to paint next...
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