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Monday, February 9, 2009

Switching to Disqus

This is a test post. Hopefully, if this works not only will we have Disqus comments from here on out, but I will not have lost any of my prior comments.

Also, new Orks post last night! I don't want to steal it's thunder by posting a test post immediately afterwards, so go check it out. :)

Edit: While the Template upload went smoothly, I don't seem to be able to post a comment to this post. Anyone out there have any suggestions for me as to what may have gone wrong? Shoot me an email, please.

Edit 2: Tried saving the template to the hard drive as an xml, then clearing cookies and uploading instead of manually editing the Blogger window. I got an error: bX-2qsmc9

I've sent a few emails to Disqus for help. So far, there's been no word. Slightly more success posting my problem on Disqus' support thread. I got one reply asking for an emailed copy of the template. I sent it yesterday. Hopefully this gets resolved soon.
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