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Friday, February 13, 2009

Painted SM Commander

Finally done painting this guy, and I love him. I built him after I got the new SM Codex so I could have a magnetized commander with as many options as possible. Also, despite my playing this army as vanilla Marines, I still like the DA flavor and fluff ... so he will keep their colors/icons.

Below are some extra gun options. There is a magnet embedded in his wrist so I can swap out these guns.

I'm working on a Combi-Flamer conversion. At the moment, it will probably be the current Commander Combi-Melta with a Flamer head instead of the Melta. Also, I'll need to swap the Bolter barrel with the Flamer barrel so the Bolter isn't firing into the pilot light.

Oh, I also made a Storm Shield for this hand:

I really love how the Storm Shield came out. I like it so much, I'm going to keep it on him while I show you his Melee arm options...

Above is my Relic Blade. It's the large Power Sword off the Champion in the Command Squad box set. In keeping with my love for Dark Angels, I decided that their Relic Blades would be those nifty Obsidian Power Swords they seem to hand out to anyone important. Azrael's sword gave him a +2S, so it makes sense...

And in case you want a Power-sword/Power Fist combo, I gave him the Right handed sword from the Captain in the Assault on Black Reach set:

I hope you like him.
The torso and loincloth come from the Champion in the Command Squad set. His right leg is from a kneeling Space Marine (most of this stuff was bitz ordered). The left leg as well as the Imperial Eagle prop he's got his foot on are from the Special Edition Veteran SM Sergeant that GW's site gave away free with large orders. Head is a Ravenwing Sergeant's head. The large DA icon on his backpack came as sudden inspiration. The wings are from the DA Veterans box set, and I had them attached to his backpack like that for a while before suddenly realizing that if I add a sword it will be a huge DA icon. Score!

All the green armour was basecoated with a 2:1 mix of Dark Angels Green : Knarloc Green. (It'll come out very bright, I know) It was followed up with a Badab Black wash. This brought the brightness down to where I wanted it, while also giving a shading/depth element. Edges were highlighted with Knarloc Green.
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