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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Word on Artwork

After this last comic, I recieved a request for more quality in the comics.
Happy to get any kind of response from anyone reading the blog, my reply was that I'd work on getting out a higher-quality color version.

Well, after spending a lot of time on it, and getting a feel for how much time it would take to churn out a comic at that standard, I'm no longer so sanguine about it.

Given enough time, I could pump out some professional grade artwork. I've done it before on some other projects (mostly Dungeons&Dragons related, don't judge!!! ;P ) , but I couldn't get over the feeling that all this time spent on one comic should have been spent finishing the paint-job on the Guardians, and magnetizing my Chaos Terminator Lord (oh, you'll see), etc. While I can make comics at that level, I think at that point the comics would dominate the blog. Because I'm rather eclectic and whimsical with what kind of things I do, I'd rather stick to the comics how they are. This would allow me to give you more comics as well as posts/articles on other 40-hobby things within the same time-span, rather than becoming a blog that posts only comics, and only once every other week or so...

The comics I've done so far are 5-10 minute sketches, max. They're thrown into Photoshop, resized and given word-bubbles. The process is rather short. There's a lot more required in making a color version. I will continue to play with it to see if repeated practice makes it more feasable ... but at the moment, the only increase in quality that I'm prepared to do is to spend more time in the drawing stage to get you cleaner lines and such. First Round Lascannon got rather messy in those last two panels.

The comics weren't really meant to become anything more grandiose than a simple and quick laugh; a humorous view into the quirky world of 40K.

Also, the suggestion was made that I get the comic up on Golden Throne. If they want it there, that's totally cool with me. If any of you would like the comics on your own site, that is also totally cool with me. My url is down at the bottom of the image, and as long as that's still intact, you are all completely free to use them as you like. I made them for you anyways.

Ok, hopefully most of you are still reading, because I got a special treat for you :) Check this guy out. His artwork and attention to detail are phenomenal. Browse through his site; there is some seriously amazing work there. I've added him to the Community Feed on the right. His blog is called Rajabersiong.
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