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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The State of Things

I'm sorry I don't have any real content for you all today, just an update on some things going on in my world...

Thanks to all of you for your input on the whole profanity issue; it meant a lot to me not only that you all contributed to the discussion, but that the discussion for the most part was kept amicable.
I've seen good points on both sides of the issue here, as well as a surge in requests for more comic (leading me to believe that the vulgarity is not scaring away audience...). However, things will not remain exactly as they were. There will be two changes. First, I will be relying less on vulgarity in the comics in general. I don't believe the level of humor will falter. Secondly, I will not shy from using vulgarity if I feel it is relevant and adds to the humor. When these comics come about, I will post a Warning: Comic contains mature content! above the comic's thumbnail, so those who wish to avoid it can.

"Another Comic!" has won in the Coming Up Next poll by a staggering amount. Due to this, I'm going to make the Comic a more regular occurrence. You will not see it listed in the poll anymore, because I will just be posting them as filler in-between articles on hobby topics. Thanks for the show of support.

There's been a lot of craziness going on in my personal world, and this is the main reason why I haven't had any real content up since the last comic. On one hand, I'm in the negotiation process for a much higher-paying job in the field I currently work in ... on the other hand, the wife and I received some very bad news in the family. I've had a lot on my mind, both promising and depressing ... and it's made me a bit unstable of late. I hope to get my personal life back into a sense of normality soon and with that, All Things 40K.

I'm almost done painting up a unit of Eldar Guardians. I'm so close to finishing them, I can taste the Victory Circle ... and it tastes blue with yellow accent.

After the Guardians are finished, I will be painting up my already converted/assembled/primered Autarch in order to get it finished in time for Fritz's Competition. Seriously, take a look yourself if you haven't already.

Also, I just got in a boxed Assault Brood. Do you know what's in that? Let me break it down for you...
3 Carnifexes
6 Tyranid Warriors
16 Genestealers
16 Hormagaunts
16 Termagaunts

Who wants to see not one but THREE fully magnetized Carnifexes??? Any takers?

I got one sitting on pre-order, so I'm expecting it in a week or so. I have already dropped into a GW store to peruse the copy they had there, and I have to admit it looks way awesome. Relic Blades? Yes, please.
Because of how great this codex is, I will be posting articles on the units and their uses of the NEW codex when I mention space marines. My personal army is Dark Angels, however I will be using the new SM codex. So, most of the articles will be showing you examples on how to keep the unique fluffy feel of your specific chapter, yet still represent all the new C:SM goodies. Also in the works is a whole new SM Commander model that I'm designing from the ground up. He will be fully magnetized with all the options present in the new book. We'll get to that later, though ;P
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