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Monday, September 8, 2008

Moving Some Things Around...

So, I've made a drastic change to the look of the place, you'll notice a third column over on the left.

That one column of widgets got mighty long with the Community Blogroll, and rather than make that shorter, I had another column installed. The Community Blogroll's only going to get longer, so I'll leave the right column as it is. Most of my widgets were wiped during the change, I think I got everyone's link back into the Blogroll. If you see that yours isn't, let me know; it wasn't intentional.

The Left Column, however, will be changing. First and foremost, a poll. YOU will be deciding what's up next. Ignore the close date. Basically, I'll be working on whatever's the most popular choice. When that post is made, I'll reset the poll with new options.

Also, I'll be installing Army sections on the left with 5th edition tactics/units articles. These will be updated regularly, and will have a notice for when an article is NEW! or UPDATED!

Feel free to sound off and let me know what you think of these changes. Good? Bad? What would you like to see?
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