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Monday, May 26, 2008

Warp Spiders

Just painted up a much needed Fast Attack slot for my Eldar army. A group of 10 that move like Jump Infantry, fire 2 shots each (strength 6, no less) and then can move 2d6" afterwards is awesome. Since the gun range is 12" if you do not warp 2d6" you can get charged in the enemy turn. This after-shooting-warping-phase will do really well to keep you out of harm's way yet be a major thorn in your opponent's side.

On to the Exarch. I chose the Powerblades and Dual Death Spinners configuration. This should be no surprise to fellow collectors as it's the only Exarch configuration they make a model for. In the future, I do want to convert a Spinneret Rifle version (if anyone has pictures/ideas for a conversion to do this, please let me know). So, as Exarch this bad boy comes with Withdraw and Surprise Assault. Withdraw is useful in the instance that you do get caught in melee while you're buzzing around your opponent's flanks. Withdraw allows you to immediately fall back 3d6" from combat (opponent is not allowed to try and catch you, they can only consolidate) at the end of a combat phase. They do not specify YOUR combat phase, which means you can withdraw at the end of the very combat phase your opponent charged you in ... ready to shoot again in your own turn (and possibly charge THEM). Surprise Assault gives your Warp Spider unit the ability to Deep Strike (Because the Warp Spiders are classified as Jump Infrantry, they can always deepstrike without paying for the Surprise Assault. So there you go, I saved you a few points in your list. Thanks Blaise).

I used Citadel's Foundation paints to get the reds to come out so nicely given the black primer layer. Citadel's normal reds (and yellows) tend to be a bit weak, and need to be worked up in layers usually. I love the foundation paints. The normal armour highlights I wanted to be softer than I've been doing with my Eldar models. Instead of the harsh edging I wanted to do a slightly brighter red glazed on to the edges (same technique for the Powerblades). The whites (helmets and Exarch webbing) were done using Space Wolves Gray as a base, then brought up similarly to the reds using a watered down glaze of white to give it a "cool" white.

EDIT: Look what someone sent me:

It's a photoshop cut-together of some different models as a proof of concept for a Spinneret Rifle conversion. I really like the first option, combining the bodies of a Dark Reaper with the Spider Exarch, attaching the distinctive Death Spinner barrel to the end of the gun, then the Power Blades to that as some sort of energy focuser, maybe? I don't know, but it looks longer (for the "rifle" aspect) and still distinctively Warp Spider. Cheers to whoever put this together, I don't know who the original author was.

Edit #2:

Below is a pic sent my way by a very generous anonymous commenter. He decided to keep the Power Blades and instead attach an older style Dark Reaper gun to the dual-spinneret slots, then replace the reaper head with the spinner head. It looks great. Hopefully this will give you guys good ideas on how to easily make your own Spinneret Rifle Exarch.

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