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Monday, June 2, 2008

Rebasing the Dark Angels

Ok, the theme I'm looking for with the Dark Angels is a ruined and forgotten Fortress Monastary on a jungle/swamp world. For their bases, I envisioned a white marble tiled floor that has seen mud, algae and rain for decades without attention ... and the occasional bit of crumbled infrastructure. I think overall that I did rather well in achieving that.

They're made using tile-shaped plasticard that has been cut and filed into discs to sit atop the standard GW bases. These were then primered in white, then drenched with a very very thin wash of black and while still wet touched here and there with another thinned down wash of brown green. The touching here and there made uneven spreads of color which gave it an interesting and real look. I allowed the discs to dry like this, giving the tiles an appearance of old dried dirt and water. The larger bases had rocks and bits of sprue painted gray and drybrushed with white.

This is also what I'm planning the interior to look like for the Terrain Table that's well down the road for the Dark Angels. That table will actually show the fallen and crumbled Fortress Monastary with the jungle/swamp exterior. ...although before I get started on that, I still need to finish the Eldar Terrain Table in the Autumn forest theme...
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