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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Eldar, The Ork and The Cabinet

Went down to IKEA this weekend with the intention of getting a display case for my various armies (the dilapidated shelf hanging precariously above my painting desk got too crowded.) and returned victorious! Bask in her white-wood and glass majesty! It took me a good couple hours to assemble the thing, which left me little time to finish one of my painting projects. IKEA really is the grown man's Legos. I stare at a flimsy instruction manual looking for "the long plank with 16 holes down one side" in order to fit those holes with wooden pegs, then attach it to the back of a T-shaped plank also with 16 holes down the side.

Anyways, I've also re-based my Eldar as well as my Orks. The Eldar are on an Autumn-colored grass, scattered rocks and orange leaves. Orks are on a sand and rock mix with various scorch marks and wet-stains to look like oil-spills/pools of dried blood. I wish I had the Dark Angels done too, but the sheets of plasticard I need have been put on backorder.
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