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Friday, April 25, 2008

Interrogator Chaplain Variant 2

I finished the second variant of 3 Chaplains I intend to make. This is a Power Fist equipped Chaplain. He's still a foot-slogger, though. Next (and last) variant I will do will be a Jump Pack and Power Fist variant. At that point, I believe I will have had enough Chaplains for my needs.

Also, concerning Space Marines in general ... I've been hearing good things about the new Space Marines codex that is slated to come out with the v.5 rules soon. Given that Dark Angels are arguably the weakest codex, I have been considering picking up the new Space Marines codex and using my Dark Angels models as a Vanilla Marines army. This will mean that Librarians will suddenly become viable, leading me to paint up two variants for them. We shall see when it comes out...
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