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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Death To The False Emperor!

My first of the new Chaos Space Marines.  These were real fun to paint; first they were made all perfect and shiny like a Dark Angel, then on went the washes to grime them up and make their armor look archaic.

As you can see from the paint scheme, my Chaos army will be Black Legion.  There are a few reasons for this.

First, I plan on collecting a variety of models so that I can play whatever army style I want. Lotsa Khorne? Check. All plague army? Check. Undivided with a little Tzeench support? Check. I plan on collecting enough models to support whatever faction of Chaos I want to, including an eclectic mix army. As it so happens, the Black Legion fluff goes right along with all that. They specifically have a portion of their legion dedicate to each of the ruinous powers, being undivided by worshipping all equally.

Secondly, I like Black and Gold. They were my High School colors, and it tickles me to paint my blasphemous Chaos army in the colors of my Catholic High School.

Thirdly, because of the reaction I got when I told the GW shop guys which army I was going to do. "But Black Legion is a noob army. All the beginners pick it." Wait, what? Fluff-wise The Black Legion is THE most powerful of all the traitor legions! How COULD I simply walk from them because they are the favorite choice of noobs? No, I say. We should take BACK the Black Legion! 40K players everywhere should once again huddle in corners, whispering of its deadly efficiency and brutality. You have been forwarned! Should you see a Black Legion army on the board, withhold your chuckle, this may be no mere noob.
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