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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Da Boyz

I recently finished a small 10-man mob of boyz, and a Nob to lead them (small for an Ork mob, I know ... but it's all that came in the spearhead. I'll be getting more boyz when the 5th edition starter box comes out. Seriously, $60 for a ridiculous amount of models and the new rulebook). Also, a burna boy that I painted up. That models kills me; he's a Flamethrower-wielding Ork and he's smoking a cigar. Not only that (and I know it's hard to notice in the pic, I'll have to find another that shows it better) but apparently this particular Ork smokes cigars SO much that he has a notch carved out of his face-shield (currently up) so that the cigar would poke through. I did NOT model that notch on, that how the model CAME! Things like that seriously crack me up about the Orks.

Painting-wise, I'm glad to say that I've been using washes to bring out the details in the Orks as opposed to my usual method of blending and layers. It's a lot faster getting a model done, and the idea of so many Orks in my future has become less daunting.
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