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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I've hit a bit of a slump painting-wise ... but I'm getting back into the groove of things, while wrestling with some personal-life stuff.  'nuff of da BORING stuff, we's got ORKS ta talk about!

Dat link dere will take yous to da 40k website where dere's new info about da boyz.  New pics, new info.  This Christmas season iz lookin' green an' orky, which iz a good thing.  Da boyz 'ave been lookin' fer a bit o' an upgrade, an' da 'umies betta beware, 'cauze da Weirdboyz are makin' a comeback!

Also, dey shuld check out our new shooty Trukk.  It's extra orky, an' dat's a good fing.

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