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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Saim Hann

This is a quick plug for a fellow blogger who shares the 40k passion.
You can find his blog here:

His area of expertise centers around a Saim Hann craftworld themed Eldar army.  What does this mean?  Jetbikes.  Lots of jetbikes.  Warlocks on jetbikes, Farseers on jetbikes, Vipers, Holo Fields, Spirit Stones, etc.  Everthing jetbikes.

In contrast to the army I'm attempting to assemble (which draws its strength from its variety of unit selection), Fritz's army focuses on using mobility to win the day.  He recently won a 'Headhunters' award at a tournament, which means he got the most HQ kills in the tourny, thanks to his jetbiked Farseer with Mindwar.  That's no small feat.

Go check him out if you're interested in a different perspective on Eldar. 

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