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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Tyranid Warriors

Enter the first brood of Tyranid Warriors:

What you see here is 3 Warriors. One with a Barbed Strangler, the other two with Deathspitters. This team, when their shots land, are built to devastate with blast templates. But that's the most minor of their uses. The guns were given to them so they had something to do on the advance.
Their real strength lies in close combat. they are equipped with Scything Talons, Adrenal Glands (WS), Flesh Hooks, Toxin Sacs, and Leaping. Leaping will help them reach their opponent in that final 12" assault, but it doesn't help their initial 6" move. Being synapse creatures, they're slow. They're too slow for my needs, really. I plan on having Raveners, Gargoyles and many many Hormagaunts. All of these will easily outpace the Warriors, Tyrant, and Zoanthropes early on.
As we saw in the first Battle Report, this is exactly what happened. I was lucky to actually make that leadership roll for the Hormagaunts. I cannot count on that good luck to continue.
Currently, my plan to alleviate this was to have a Broodlord infiltrated. He would act as a waypoint for the rest of the Swarm. ... but am I leaving all my eggs in one basket? What happens if he's taken out early on?
To answer this, I plan on replacing one of my two Ravener broods with a brood of Winged Tyranid Warriors. Now I will have a total of 3 Warrior broods, but I'm ok with that. The Winged Warriors will easily keep up with the swarm. Also, since morphed up warriors with wings are cheaper than a 6-man Ravener brood, this left me with a little extra points ... enough to get a second Carnifex. woot.
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