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Friday, September 28, 2007


I'll admit to seriously hesitating on taking a squad of Scouts as one of my Elites options.
Infiltrate and Sniper Rifles, though. I love me some Infiltrate.

So, here is the 10 man squad.

Scouts also have the Combat Squads rule just like the Tactical Squads, and I intend on using that. You'll notice that 5 of my Scouts have heavy weapons, and the other 5 are equipped for combat. The reason for this is that since they're infiltrated I'm expecting my opponent to move some of his forces to take them out. That's where the combat half come into play. By having them intercept any incoming forces, I free up the 5-man heavy weapons squad to continue firing. The 5-man combat squad should be able to last until the rest of my forces catch up.

For my other two Elites options, I'm taking a squad of Terminators and a Venerable Dreadnought. When they're painted up, I'll post pics.
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