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Friday, September 21, 2007

Company Master Ammael

Here's the HQ:

Company Master Ammael; Keeper of The Watch

I picked this model because he just looks way more badass than the other commander models. Holding that combi-gun one handed like a true pimp. You can't beat that.

With his high BS, I'm hoping to get a lot out of that one Plasma Rifle shot I get from his combi gun.

Here, you'll see the Command Squad I put together to go along with Ammael.

...yes, that's Brother Bethor in the back, for any of you old-school 40k'ers.

Another plasma gun and a plasma pistol for some ranged punch ... and a power fist, and power sword/combat shield combo on the champion to give them some close combat punch. The HQ should be equipped for anything, and that's how I want them.

Despite using Ezekiel's model, I'm using this guy as simply a Librarian.

No other Librarian model looked suitably "Dark Angels" to me, so there you have it.

In any kind of battle where I'm anticipating more of a ranged combat approach than a close combat one, I intend on taking my Librarian as the second HQ choice.

Here, you'll see my Interrogator-Chaplain. Sure he looks like Asmodai, but Asmodai doesn't carry a plasma pistol, does he? By now you can probably tell that I generally don't like to use Special Characters in actual matches. I've heard way too much bitching and whining about overpowered Special Characters. I'd rather skip all that nonsense and do the same damage with a generic Company Master/Librarian/Interrogator Chaplain.
I plan on using this guy for the more close combat oriented battles, as well as vs. chaos. The possibility of a Tzeentchian sorcerer is too high to take a Librarian just to have him be useless.
[edit:] No longer the case. See 'New Codex' post under Chaos Space Marines. [/edit]
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