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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Heavy Support

I already know a lot of Space Marine players will probably give me flak for not taking a Land Raider as a Heavy Support option in my Dark Angels army.

Whatever. While I have seen them used effectively, I've also seen a predictable trend when faced with a decent opponent: Land Raiders are large cost-heavy bullseyes. Sure the 14 AC is great, but I've still seen it get popped like a balloon.

It costs a lot, and I'd rather spend those points in things that don't make my opponent want to focus firepower as much.

So, I planned on two Devastator Squads and a Predator Annihilator.

With two of these squads, I've got quite a bit of firepower for not too much in points cost. They're also much more inconspicuous than any tank.

There's the Predator. Much more conspicuous than the Devastator Squads, for sure... especially with my 'hey, look at me!' paint-job, but it's still not as much of a target as a Land Raider would be.
For the most part, I go into a game assuming that my opponent will by aiming for my tank. I haven't invested too many points into it, plus any fire that it takes is fire that's not being directed at the Devastator Squads ... which pack more of a punch in each squad than the tank does. All in all, it's a worthy tactic ... and hopefully the Predator takes out some choice targets before getting turned into shrapnel.

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