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Monday, November 4, 2013

A lot of things, but not a lot of any one thing

It's been a busy weekend for me, though it may not look like I got a lot of any one thing done.  Despite that, I'm exhausted.  Physically and emotionally exhausted.

I'm helping a friend of mine produce a web-series that I'll link you all to when it debuts, but for now suffice to say it's a series of comedy-sketch vignettes.  This weekend was the first shoot day for episode 1.  I got a photo of the cast:
We met at a martial arts studio and mostly filmed in the parking lot.  The studio was nice enough to let us use their facilities for the day as a base station while we shot.  The emotionally draining part was sitting around for a couple hours worried that the police would roll up on us.  See, the cast members above in black were actually holding plastic toy guns during their scene... in the parking lot.  The last time I was part of a low budget film involving toy guns in a parking lot, I ended up face to face with a cop holding me at gunpoint... and me with a toy AK-47.  Scary shit, and thankfully no one got hurt at the time.  Even more thankfully, this shoot went without a hitch.  We were very careful about when and where those toys were, and got that shot done as quick as possible so they could go back in their bags.  Nevertheless, nerve-wracking up until we got through it.  Once the gun scene was done I was able to blow off a little steam using a knotted rope in the studio.

Not a lot done on the Gundam, only got partway through the left leg.  Above, you see all the parts that are visible in the leg, ready to be hit with primer.  Crazy how many there are.

And about here is where I got with it all.  Some blues on the foot done, before I just couldn't muster the energy anymore.  I needed something mindless to absorb myself in for the rest of Sunday night.  Painting required too much concentration and I was burnt out.

Ah yes.  Castle Crashers.  Excellent.
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