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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

CCC Yellowjackets inbound!

My first order from MERCS came in last night!  Above, you can see what came in.  I bought the rulebook as well as their "CCC - Into the Breach" box set.  The "into the breach" part refers to that extra model in the blister.  "The Breacher" is the 7th member of the CCC Yellowjackets.

For an idea into what the fluff is all about, here's a quickie:  In the not-too-distant future Earth, the nations have become controlled and split up by mega-corporations and conglomerates.  These new super-powers compete with each other not only in the marketplace, but in clandestine fashion as well as openly hostile military actions.  The Yellowjackets are the most famous team out of the Commercial Corporate Continuity.  The CCC controls pretty much all of the east coast of North America (everything east of the Mississippi plus most of Quebec).  They specialize in nanite technology and steel compounds, and have patented a kind of flexible steel that they use in manufacturing armor.  Their MERCS units are known for having the best equipment available.

Above, you can see what's in the CCC box.  6 pewter figures, each with their own stat card, themed dice, some handy quick-rules table cards, and two cards with terrain on them.

As with on their site, the artwork used in the cards, rulebook, and packaging is amazing.  I stayed up late pouring over the rules and assembled a few of the minis.  I'll send pictures of the fully assembled minis and probably a step-by-step painting on one of them.
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