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Monday, March 26, 2012

Step-By-Step Imperial Guard Vehicle (Sentinel)

My Imperial Guard are a brown version of the Cadian Guard.  Just putting that out there before we get too deep into this and you're like "Wait a minute.  That's not the right color."

I don't know what to do about this new color range GW is bringing out.  I might have to put these Step-By-Steps on hold until I figure out what colors are equivalent and which ones aren't.  For now, the colors are the old ones.  I might post a few color comparisons when I get some of the new colors in, so we can all see just how they all line up.

Step 1: Basecoat
Also note, this model is magnetized.  I'll be showing the various weapons attached throughout the tutorial.

Step 2: Calthan Brown

Step 3: Dheneb Stone
Yay for patchy camouflage!

Step 4: Skull white
This was edged/drybrushed over the areas that were painted in Dheneb (except for the bone/skull parts).

Step 5: Kommando Khaki
Edged along the Calthan Brown parts.

Step 6: Boltgun Metal
All the mechy bits got coated, as well as a few strategically placed scratches and scuffs along the armour plates.

Step 7: Shining Gold
Autocannon bullets, aquilas, winged skulls, etc.  We are now ready for washes.

Step 8: Devlan Mud
This goes over all the brown, dheneb stone, and gold.

Step 9: Badab Black
This was applied to all the Boltgun Metal bits.

Step 10: Ogryn Flesh
For the little dude's face.

Step 11: Bleached Bone
This was a heavy drybrush along the skull to bring some color back.

Step 12: Skull White
A much lighter drybrush on the skull.

Step 13: Gryphonne Sepia
Applied to the sides and forehead of the skull.

Step 14: Enchanted Blue
This is the base color for the targeting lens and the pilot's visor.

Step 15: Regal Blue
Applied in the upper left area of the targeting lens and visor.  The white dot will go in this area later.

Step 16: Ice Blue
This was applied as a line along the lower area of the targeting lens and visor.

Step 17: Skull White
The light-reflection dot in the dark blue region of the targeting lens and visor.  While I had it out, I put the Company number on the side and painted the missile heads.

There we have it.  Let me know what you think.
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